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Talking about a whole lotta history. The UK's best-selling girl group of the 21st century. Also, chat about the girls' solo careers.

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  2. Given the fallout between them, I genuinely don't see another reunion happening, in all honesty.
  3. I’ve never seen them live. I hope that they reform so I can go and see them. I’m hoping they do a 20 year reunion. (It is scary it has been 20 years when I remember them forming) Cheryl’s solo career has sadly dried up so she would be better with them again
  4. Sadly I've never got to experience there tour but I'm gonna say tangled up since that's my favourite era
  5. Ten: the Tour was awesome, but something about the Tangled Up Tour just felt fresh for them.
  6. I know people rip on it for being pretty much a rehash of the Out Of Control Tour, but the TEN Tour for sure. Entering on a giant Girls Aloud logo, the Models and The Show section, the I'll Stand By You moment, the outfits... I just love it all. I really wish I got to see them before they split - but alas, Sugababes were my first concert so I can't complain!
  7. What Will the Neighbours Say..? Tour: Chemistry Tour: The Greatest Hits Tour: n/a Tangled Up Tour: Out of Control Tour: Ten: the Hits Tour:

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