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  4. Love both the video and the song!! Ariana SERVED The look with her hair down.. whew!
  5. The music video is definitely better than "Stupid Love," however, I am still not feeling the song.
  6. Considering where she's at in her personal life, I don't think that kind of song would have worked.
  7. I hear the thunder coming down won't you rain on me :ariicant:

  8. I like it, it reminds me a lot of Legendary Lovers. I’m not sure if it’s lead single material though, I think it would have been better if she came back with a BANG 💥 It would make a cute album track or 3rd/4th single tbh
  9. Someone promote this site. Is dead af.

  10. I don't like Karol G at all but cute song.
  11. Rewatched The Rain, can't wait for season 3.
  12. With the way communist China has handled the China Virus pandemic most people are awake the compliant communist left who want us to lick Chinas arse and let them walk all over us.
  13. Her cat died recently? You’ve never know with how happy she’s appeared. She seems so evil imagine not caring that your pet died.
  14. My fave single from them since their latest reunion!
  15. I heard mixed things about Heroes. Never checked it out.
  16. LAND

    Hi guys

    Hi! I don’t think we met before. Nice to meet you on the new forum!
  17. Welcome to the forum
  18. Queen of pop is naturallll and we live for realness I hvn't heard song while to I do love the song tho
  19. I live for her rawness than the "nothing mood" of other cover. This one is much better. I wish mood ring had video tho or love me down. I'm so happy for fans and myself included to
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