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  2. Eminem once said that, and he never went away Dx but that makes me depressed to hear because after girls aloud they are another group I really really loved.
  3. Levitating (remixed by The Blessed Madonna) featuring Missy Elliott & Madonna Physical (remixed by Mark Ronson) featuring Gwen Stefani
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  6. I’m not a Camila fan but ok
  7. I noticed they been re releasing songs! every week on my release Radar the Saturdays are up there. I hope it means comeback album.
  8. I actually liked the song! thanks to Burning up I gave it a listen
  9. Spoken like a true Camila fan.
  10. Like your failed trans jokes ? The NERVE.
  11. She is holding her weight. And, to think, people underestimated her at first. Fuck, even I did.
  12. May [finally] check it out after watching Black Is King. Should've re-named the album.
  13. I have had this video for three weeks now when it leaked. Surprised this is the one leading the release.
  14. Visually, it was thrilling. Not sold on the music, but, the visual aspect of Black Is King was superb.
  15. Good. It was about time their music go on Spotify; I know they have had issues with Polydor / Fascination where their music is concerned, and have for years.
  16. Old news tbh. The joke was awful and not funny at all tho.
  17. they preach nothing but inclusivity in everything they do. idk where this is from or what it is but just because you said something stupid and insensitive when you were young is doesn't automatically make you an awful person
  18. Omg, welcome legend 







  19. msl

    BTS exposed as racists?

    Easy to say if you're not on the receiving end of the 'joke'.
  20. They’ve been changing and releasing and doing whatever else on Spotify. Look! https://open.spotify.com/artist/15qI5w4XJFLRMwOp2VrlD5?si=26r8Xb33QhaRxGCwwcteaw
  21. Should people stop cancel everyone for failed jokes?
  22. Albums if full of bops. But I enjoyed only half of it, my top faves: Stupid Love, Alice, Rain On Me, Babylon, Sour Candy, Sine From Above and may be Free Woman. 911 and 1000 doves aren't it at all. :
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