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  2. I wonder if he still thinks racism does not exist in the UK and that people in the US are obsessed with race.
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  4. We from PopXclusive, would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. PopXclusive System (1)
  5. We from PopXclusive, would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. LAND --
  6. WhoreMANi is TRASH. Just saying 



  7. We from PopXclusive, would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. DavidSpade (32)
  8. i dont collect any vintage star wars figures,toys,coins any more, im so glad when i got my vintage star wars stuff, they were giving it away, it was so cheap, no one wanted it, a lot of my figures i got in card backs and took them out, all the droids/ewoks figures plus my last 17 figures are all from card backs,, should graded them but i have no time for it any more, i got so much **** off my girl friend, she put me right off,,does your wife/girlfriend give you ****?, i should be really happy with my collection because i know that many of you will never get all of it,, got mine for pennys, now them pennys have turned in to a ??? god know how much? i know the uk toy hunter, he has a mint collectin all graded,,,keeps telling me to get it all graded,,, now i wish i had now taken them out of card back now! i have ship varitions, loads of figures have 3/4/5 varitions, i got a lot of figures from usa, in fact i have over 450 figures, about 70 per cent of weapons, only one i dont have is vix and will never have it,, when my son told me there was a new sw film going out! we all did the pay day dance??? WHY because i had loads of every thing,,it was unreal,,,i made a lot of cash from it,,a lot of cash,so my collection cost me nothing but ear ache, sad but i dont want it any more, i will never have a hobby again, loads of you who collect it, are crazy?? why? because they are just toys, i got so much **** for talking the figures out of card backs, it was unreal, and i gave all the card backs to some one? in fact ive given loads away to new collectors who can not aforrd them! sent stuff to usa, i think you call them beaters, only given figures and mini rigs away, not that daft,,i feel sorry for any new colletors, you will need deep pockets, plus a 2nd job?,, in fact now you can get more carded figures, than you could 7 years ago,, watch out for the repo card backs with real figures and repo guns, you should know how to spot them! i wish you all luck with your collections and may the force be with you aways,,,they are only toys, i never thourt for 1 min i would make money from from the toys. i think the force is with me or was with me,,,hahaha 192.168.o.1
  9. Too far. Don’t say bad things about people with autism
  10. I'm genuinely curious who she is. She looks like her breath smells like eggs that have been sitting in the sun for years!
  11. Dive in, dive deep in dark blue suede
    Rushing up from the water where the ice meets

  12. How do I host an event here? I might do that soon...

  13. I mean, if it comes from someone you're attracted to, then yes. I've got that comment from very gross men too so I don't see that as a compliment all the time.
  14. Wow this forum is deader than Christina Aguilera's career

  15. If I was you I'd hate me bitch

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