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    Wish it was more active Here T-T
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    Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored
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    Someone promote this site. Is dead af.
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    I want to welcome @Sempiternal to the team as news poster and @Treacherous Swiftie as part of our promo team! If you feel like you can be an asset for our forum feel free to send me an dm
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    Congrats! Hope we'll see this forum get more members and become more active
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    Today i performed some maintenance on the server and our site. We finally moved to php 7.4 which will make stuff even faster and more secure. Sorry for not being on much had lots of stuff to deal with the past few days you all
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    This is awesome news!!! I love Keke Palmer. She really expanded and built her brand. I look forward to it!
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    Taking a TV series break today to watch some Disney+. Will resume tomorrow.
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    "Daisies" is the lead single from Katy Perry's seventh studio album, Smile. Written by Perry, Jon Bellion and Jacon Kasher, and produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz.
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    The remix is awesome, but I do prefer the album edit.
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    As a gift for fans trending #JusticeForGlory and getting the album to #1 on the iTunes chart, the original cover art shot by Dave LaChapelle has been released to the public for the first time ever! Thoughts?
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    You haven’t wrote me a application so [emoji8] write me one [emoji13] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Tsk, tsk. You seem to be following COP's lead and refusing to hire me! (jkjk ily don't crucify me) Congrats to both @Sempiternal and @Treacherous Swiftie! You're both absolute legends and deserve the positions
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    Hello sweetheart!
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    It should be interesting; I'm dying for an Ellie album, and it seems like she's giving us one worth waiting for.
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    What we know about the album, thus far: The album is supposedly very similar to Halcyon and will have some Björk-inspired songs. The album will feature "two sides," per Goulding's own words, leading to speculation the release may be two-disc. "Close to Me," "Flux" and "Hate Me" are considered to be the only songs released in the past few years to be included.
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    I am hoping for that, as well.
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    @Tana Mongeau I semi-began last night. Deleted my CC and began with clothing, hair, skin overlays, etc. Debating if I want to delete my save file, too. Have not played it in what feels like forever, any way.
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    I've gotta delete my CC and start from scratch, because I feel like I'd want new and fresh approach, and just re-start everything, ha. This build is supreme! You did such a great job!
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    For me, when it comes to hair and clothes, I defintely go to Alpha, simply because I like the way it looks and the colours are overall better. And, of course, our skin overlays and makeup, etc. It is insane that modders and creators give us more than what EA has given us. Illogical Sims, Grimcookies and a new one I found out about, Littledica, are INSANE with their CC! I recommend looking them up! Littledica just put out a stuff pack of over 90 (!!!) items, and they are all fucking INSANE! I have not opened my game in months and these creators are making me want to open it!
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    Same. Just wish he'd get more recognition for his own solo work, too.
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    Ah, okay, because while I did figure it was The Sims 4, the graphics of the images semi-looked like what The Sims 3 is like. What CC do you use???
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    This looks real nice! I like it. Is this Sims 3 or Sims 4?
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    Production was a bit too much for my liking, but the video is quite well. Her voice reminds me of t.A.T.u., too!
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    Both eras had massive hype, and were both loved by the GP and critics, but it seems that even Ariana's title as the queen of streaming can't help her outstream or outsell Taylor's album that is 4 years older. Sweetener left the Billboard 200 in its 85th week, whereas 1989 was stable that week, reaching its 280th week. Additionally 1989 reached 100,000 units moved in 2020 in the United States faster than sweetener (via chartdata), and if that isn't enough evidence, 1989 (which was held back from streaming for 3 years) is currently gaining 1.75m daily streams on Spotify compared to 1.62m for sweetener. Why is this the case?
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    1989 pretty much made Taylor into an pop icon. Sweetener is ariana worst and probably one of her top 2 messy releases in her career
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    1989 is iconic. The album is pretty good, while Sweetener aged like milk.
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    The season [prematurely] ends on Friday, May 8, and the cast have said the season will go to Netflix shortly after. So mid-to-late May / June for release.
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    The song's iconic bridge has been going viral across the Philippines, causing it to rapidly surge on all platforms in the region, despite being over a decade old.
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    Oh awesome, yeah I love it. It’s one of my favourite ever TV shows
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    Oh hey, welcome back. I thought you had left 👋🏼 In terms of this news: wtf, gross
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    I'll have to admit it got a bit boring at season 5 since the first 3 were amazing, but I adore the characters so much.
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    Animal Crossing New Horizons and Mario Maker
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    I'm stuck at season 5, stopped watching after that but it's a really good show.
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    It is Lana's second album to achieve this after Born To Die.
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    It's not too late to save this forum i have a lot of vision
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    I'm rewatching glee second season. I'm watching bit of other stuff. I use online site to watch other shows to but whenever I get time to.
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    I think is normal, the forum it's still pretty new. I do agree it needs more promo so someone should work on that. Making the twitter account active and using it constantly for promo could help a ton. Discord could be great for promo too. Also, we need all the old COP members to comeback. The problem is that most of them are sick of anything COP related. So yeah, it is gonna be hard at first.
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    I have marathoned these shows since March 15: America's Next Top Model (cycles 1–9) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (twice) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit One Tree Hill
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    I just finished the final season on Torchwood and it was incredible! I’m watching Heroes series 1 at the moment and it is incredible. Some of my other favourites shows are Once Upon A Time, Agents of SHIELD, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Office, Desperate Housewives and Glee. I love Runaways too, I am planning to watch the 3rd season soon.
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    Denis said he listens to a little MGK! and respects him. IM FUCKING CRYINN!
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    He hasn't been misgendered at all hun. He is most definitely a male with a penis.
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