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    this club thing is kinda dumb, why would you have to join a club to post in a thread? there are like 5 active members, the worst thing you could do is limit engagement even more!
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    Hi bitches I'm back
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    they preach nothing but inclusivity in everything they do. idk where this is from or what it is but just because you said something stupid and insensitive when you were young is doesn't automatically make you an awful person
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    A fucking Dua X Madonna collab is coming. Imagine getting this, when you’re just at your second album of your career
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    Welcome back, fotp is kind of a mess
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    When all is said and done, you’ll believe God is a Jihyo.
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    I hate people.
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    Good. It was about time their music go on Spotify; I know they have had issues with Polydor / Fascination where their music is concerned, and have for years.
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    Should people stop cancel everyone for failed jokes?
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    May be we need an album now
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    Taylor Swift's new album is so good and perfect. Every single song is so good and amazing. The album is so refreshing. I'm very impressed.
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    Poor Katy, it truly is over for her. The music kinda trash to me and the novelty has worn off.
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    Ariana is about a savage as a plate of jelly 1. Megan 2. Rihanna 3. Demi 4. blackpink 5. Ariana
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    5. Ariana. I love her, but she’s not a savage at all. She has become sexier in her recent eras, but no one can convince me she’s dangerous or anything. 4. Blackpink. They have savage moments in their songs, but they can be super soft irl. Jennie by herself would be near the top of this list, though. 3. Demi. She’s definitely had her savage moments. Her current persona definitely gives off some savage vibes. 2. Megan. Idk too much about her personally, but she does seem pretty savage in her songs and her demeanor. 1. Rihanna. Savage queen wbk.
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    Knowing how idiotic people are being, they probably won't, even though they fucking should. Unless they go the route of the Daytime Emmys and pre-shoot it, who knows.....
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    heeey! it's me, i'm back. i went to check church of pop and it led me here, i missed you guys (those of you that didn't go over to fotp). hope everyone is good and not totally losing their minds due to quarantine :))))
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    Heey! I think I remember you! Welcome!
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    ty! my cd collection is back in england is much more pop orientated. pop vinyls, especially color variants, are just hard to come by and very expensive i've found lol.
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    I collect a lot... I have, probably, over 300 physical CDs.
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    I REMEMBER THIS TOUR and i loved every second of it. v were my jam for so long after this show and then they broke up and blamed it all on mcfly lmao
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    truly what he deserves. you can't be a fan of linkin park and think they align themselves with trump.
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    Its never smart to drag artists that have a bigger status than you have. We've all seen what that has done to Azealia Banks career. Cupcakke shouldnt make the same mistake.
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    I don't think they will. Its release just came right as everything did shut down, because they were meant to be on tour right now, and had a music video planned to be filmed in South America, but Perrie did not go to South America, and then the other ladies were delayed returning to the UK. Besides, I love the vibe of the vertical video.
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    That is not their fault. That is COVID-19's fault, and the video we did get was fucking incredible. They were in-sync despite not even being in the same room. That is talent.
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    Rain on me (rain rain) Rain on me
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    I need the single, album and a world tour.
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    May Naya rest in peace
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    Last Dance - Dua Lipa Bloody Valentine - Machine Gun Kelly Past Life - Trevor Daniels & Selena Gomez Prove You Wrong - Mike Shinoda Space - Hands Like Houses The other girl - halsey & kelsea
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    My fave Dua song had a music video the whole time!!! AHHHHHHHH
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    Yeah, the difficulty is going to be selecting a time that works for everyone, because of time zones.
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    The Writing's on the Wall was that bitch of an album. Fight me on that.
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    She is clearly mocking Kanye West, who is a moron for even stating he is running for the simple fact he wants the headline.
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    One of my greatest offline hobbies is collecting CDs. I got some more today and in total I have 101!
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    It would be 6PM for you then :) I’ll try to come, but I kinda forget about checking this forum so I can’t promise
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    I found this old Motorola flip phone that I used like 10-11 years ago, and there’s pics on it that I really wanna keep and send to my new phone, but there’s no Bluetooth feature on the phone, I can’t connect it to a WiFi service, and the sim is “unregistered”... so I’ll guess I’ll have to like register it again and top it up just to send those pics???
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    Darb, are you a barb? I hope so
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    she snapped yet again ! hope the new album will be like these last 4 singles she released
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    In order: The Circus Starring Britney Spears (Britney Spears) The Truth About Love Tour (P!nk) Prismatic World Tour (Katy Perry) State of the World Tour (Janet Jackson) Beautiful Trauma World Tour (P!nk) Meaning of Life Tour (Kelly Clarkson)
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    Fall Out Boy and Marina's Love + Fear tour. Wish I could go to more...
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    Hello all and welcome to the Elusive Chanteuse Club! I will try my best to keep this active. Such as making listening parties, or creating events to celebrate the Songbird Supreme! Hope we have fun
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