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    Hi fellow PopXclusive members may I introduce to you our first mod @Still Alive Scott has proven to be a valuable asset and you all seem to like him so i thought why not have him as a mod. to get to know him you can visit his introduction topic and also use it to ask him anything greetings, lara
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    Hey! I'm Cheri, aka Winter Bird from COP. How y'all have been? I've been working every day, sadly I'm considered an essential worker. Sending y'all good vibes from here. I know how difficult must be in some other places. Anyways, I'm really happy to see some friendly faces here. I hope we can start a fresh new start here, without any resentment whatsoever. So let's have fun.
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    Wish it was more active Here T-T
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    Dear members/new members, Welcome on PopXclusive, I wanted to start a new community because I was missing COP/WOP. But I also wanted to start a new community because I felt I was ready to do it again this time I will be the owner of the site, I won't hesitate to kick and ban people from the site if they can't follow or accept the rules, I want this place to be fun for everyone and to keep it that way. For now we don't have a vip section every member is a valued member no exclusions! Read the rules here so you can't say I didn't know Let's make this an era we can remember and feel good with and grow into an amazing community! With love, Manuela @laracroftonline
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    I don't think I need an introduction I'm here to say hi to all of you and start all over again in popculture. I've missed discussing pop music a lot and even though I've stayed in touch with some, I havent seen many in a while. I'm here to have some distraction because beside the fact that I needed time to process the fights with Indie, my failed attempt to run a forum myself. Its not going well with me in real life. I'm trying to find a job but fail and learn about the hard world as someone with a disability. I hope we can have a drama free journey and leave everything forums related from the past in the past. I wish not to bring up anything. I called this thread a new begin for a reason! To all of you that remember me: Heey there! How are you all doing? In short: I stan Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, the 5h girls, Dua Lipa, Grace VanderWaal, unperfect
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    I'm not here for drama. If you're gonna come for me, I'm not even going to respond anymore. I'm here to talk about pop music. We're in the middle of a global pandemic - I think it's important to take a break from the stress and focusing on things that make us happy
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    Someone promote this site. Is dead af.
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    Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored
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    Hey guys and girlies! Long time, no see. Hope you’re all doing well in this difficult time. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Travis! You can call me that, Trav, Tana, idrc I’ll respond to just about anything. I’m 27 years old and I’m from Pennsylvania. My main bitches are Britney, Miley, Lana and Kesha, but I enjoy some music from most artists! Looking forward to getting to chat with you all again!
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    Hi, you may know me as Oh My Gaga from the previous iterations of the forum I joined mainly because I missed a lot of you since the forums went down and wanted to stay connected
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    Why hello many of you may know me from COP, but if you don't hi. I've gone through a lot in the past year, so here's a little life update. In my COP days I identified as straight but at the end of last year, specifically on November 2nd 2019, i realized that I was bisexual I always had some confusion and uncertainty but once I said that I was bisexual out loud to myself something clicked and I felt at peace. I've been much a much happier person ever since then. Anyway my stan list is Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Halsey and James Bay, Nicki Minaj, and Normani she needs to drop more music already. Also I'm looking forward to creating another poetry corner.
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    My sincere apology for the lack of me being here. My job restarted so i’m finding balance right now.
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    George is innocent.
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    well, whoever is in charge should try to promote this anywhere they can no shade, but this place is kinda dead so far...
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    Hey Girlies, I'm happy that this amazing new fresh forum is upon us! want to thanks @laracroftonline for her amazing work! Anyways I'm marnie but known online as Marnstar, I run a youtube page called Marnstar Procutions which is basically a music chart or games page! Im from Australia and love more genres of music! My main faves are Denis Stoff, Machine Gun Kelly & Yungblud, though it does change a lot but these are my main three. I also adore Nick Jonas at times! I stan pop artists like Ariana, Camila, Dua, Rihanna etc. and love my metalcore bands like Bring me the horizon, Asking alexandria and Motionless in white! I hope to make some new friends here
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    Lots of final optimizations done after i fixed the misconfiguration issue with our host. even the new theme shouldn't lag anymore!
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    Just did the final configurations and rules on certain sections!
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    So, I have two accounts with my name on them bc my phone/Twitter had me effed up. Sorry.
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    I can’t sleep ugh 😭
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    Hi guys! The name is Scott (a.k.a. Still Alive), and am very happy to be here on Popxclusive. I am 27, from the United States. I love all-kinds of film, music and television. I am probably the biggest soap opera follower this website will ever have, and I am not ashamed of it! I'm an open-book (mostly), so feel free to ask me questions!
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    Hoping this place will become succesful without the drama!
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    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum, I had been on several pop forums before but I’m always willing to try something new, this place seems super cool so far. As far as music goes, I mostly listen to R&B nowadays but I also like pop and hip hop. Fave artists: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, pre-Joanne Gaga, Ariana Grande, Britney, Drake, and lots more. I’m also into video games, fashion, and black feminism. This forum’s gonna be big! Stream Ungodly Hour
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    Doja Cat x CL x Jessi x Charli XCX
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    Just live your life and let others do their thing. I'm sick of people wanting to control me.
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    These are dark times and well when we are forced to remain in one place, darkness can creep into your mind. I've had some very harrowing thoughts during this quarantine, it's hard and it sucks being alone While I'm not alone as in in this apartment, I am alone emotionally, romantically I barely talk to my dad who gets on my last nerve though I talk a bit to my older brother who also lives with me. It will be a happy day when this is all over and I can resume my search for love. Anyway I'm going to share a poem I wrote to combat the negative thoughts I've gotten. Paper thin walls I don't have my own room. I'm suffering inside these walls. It is like a prison, the only thing I see is doom, all that I feel is gloom. I'm suffocating in quarantine, I can't fucking breathe. I must remind myself that the doom and the gloom is not everlasting, eventually light will shine upon thee and we shall be set free. We will be free to roam again, to live our fucking lives, to do as we please in time things will be happy again you'll see.
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    I disappeared and was inactive because i've been going through some shit, I've been depressed. I'm still not in the greatest place but I'm gonna do stuff now.
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    Dixie Chicks release their first album in 14 years in 2020 'Gaslighter' will serve as their first album since 2006's 'Taking The Long Way', which won Album Of The Year at the 2007 Grammys. This was one of five awards the Chicks won that night. TRACKLIST 1. Gaslighter 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. SINGLES 1. Gaslighter
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    Despite what people say... ME! was a great lead. It had a great video, a great featured artist and even though it was childish... It was super catchy.
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    Well well well
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    Its so nice to see everyone again
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    Feel free to invite people over
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    Today I performed some maintenance tasks Server got optimized so also slow devices can connect to our forum Images load with lazy loading now, it can happen you don't see the image on the initial page load but after a few secs it's there Emails should be working now. Posting should be almost close to immediate.
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    Hey all, I wanted to let you all know i just released a new theme called PopXclusive 2.0 It's still being worked on but is now stable enough to use! It has day and night mode and much more so check it out Enjoy
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    Just started the Mariah Club, will try to make it as fun as possible.
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    not me blasting offspring in past hour! but I have to admit that album they had at 2012 is good
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    Stirring up controversy to create hype for her inevitable flop with Sam
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    Please check out my poetry corner.
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    The two most annoying fake woke attention seeking twats coming together to make an aural abomination is what I see here
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    Hi! I’m Dangerous Woman aka Camilla! I’m really excited to be a part of a forum again! Since I know a lot of people from COP/WOP will probably join, I know I wasn’t that well-liked on COP, for good reason, but I hope for a fresh start and no past drama to be brought here. Thank you to @laracroftonline for making this, I hope it succeeds!
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    I've been as good as one can be during a lockdown - if only more people would follow the regulations to get this over with! How about you?
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