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    So come on come on come Let's get Physical!
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    Despite what people say... ME! was a great lead. It had a great video, a great featured artist and even though it was childish... It was super catchy.
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    A mix from oldest I can find of mine to most recent. None of them are overly spectacular - just basic stuff. The Carly one, for whatever reason, is the one with the most interactions on my Tumblr for the artworks. I literally made that cause I was bored in class. There's a Shania one on my artwork instagram that Shania herself liked so sort of wish I put more effort into that one lmao.
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    Thank you for the image! It's a shame Carly images are so damn rare!
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    @Adam, these are spectactular. The Gaslighter one is my fave, but the others are so nice. Your use of text and its placement is outstanding. The Meaning of Life might've worked better as a "Love So Soft" cover, instead, but it is stunning. Where'd you get the Carly image in such high quality? She is so hard to find for!
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    Denis said he listens to a little MGK! and respects him. IM FUCKING CRYINN!
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    just asked denis if he likes MGK lets see if he answers
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    Inspired by @Treacherous Swiftie (deserved) attack on ME!, what do y'all think should have been the lead? I love so many songs but I don't really see anything but Lover or Cruel Summer as potential leads
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    A LEGEND, we have no choice but to stan
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    Cruel Summer would've just been an absolute radio smash and Lover embodies the album really well, but I also think Miss Americana could've been a good way to start an era coming off her sharing her political opinions, not lead-related but I would've kept YNTCD and Lover in the same spots they are now as the 2nd/3rd singles, and then pushed IFTYE as the 4th, it could've really taken off on tik tok.
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    ME! slander aside, the music video perfectly captured the whole vibe for the era and introduced it really well. It would've been interesting to have I Forgot That You Existed as the lead single but that would've been very similar to LWYMMD. I Think He Knows is definitely my strong contender for lead single though, whew that would've had everyone bopping.
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    "Wave" did, what? That.
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    You did fantastic, Adam! You should open a thread in our graphics section and share more of your works!
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    Fun fact: If you count the letters in each word of 'spelling is fun' you get 8 2 3 (23rd of August) which is when the album was released. She really meant it when she told us to spell
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    Cruel Summer completes the top 2 for me
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    ME!ss is Taylor's worst lead don't know what she was thinking. LWYMMD may be repetitive but the music video is iconic and it was a fucking moment in pop culture.
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    ugh same, I never got into Billie, i don't seem Avril and her alike at all tbh besides both of them starting at 17
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    It's gonna be on Nick I believe so nothing explicit unfortunately .
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    Yes thank you for the welcome
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    Welcome Travis its nice to see you again
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