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    Welcome to my megarate for Taylor Swift's seventh studio album Lover. If you don't know how these work you rate each scale on the album on a scale of 1 to 10 but you give one song that you liked the most an 11. Please submit your scores at this link. https://forms.gle/4EEuAK8nyXPmnGRQA You have until next Friday midnight pst to participate. @laracroftonline Could you tag everyone please?
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    It Takes Two (Katy Perry)
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    It's still open i never actually closed the form i don't think. https://forms.gle/4EEuAK8nyXPmnGRQA
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    LM5 (Little Mix)
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    I really wanna ask someone who they are but I don't want to be rude I-
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    I don't think I need an introduction I'm here to say hi to all of you and start all over again in popculture. I've missed discussing pop music a lot and even though I've stayed in touch with some, I havent seen many in a while. I'm here to have some distraction because beside the fact that I needed time to process the fights with Indie, my failed attempt to run a forum myself. Its not going well with me in real life. I'm trying to find a job but fail and learn about the hard world as someone with a disability. I hope we can have a drama free journey and leave everything forums related from the past in the past. I wish not to bring up anything. I called this thread a new begin for a reason! To all of you that remember me: Heey there! How are you all doing? In short: I stan Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, the 5h girls, Dua Lipa, Grace VanderWaal, unperfect
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    I like the view..
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    Yay! I'm so happy you're here
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    Hey Legend! Welcome back! So glad you are here!
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    Yes I am! And how have you been?
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    yess sis missed you, hope you have been well
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    Ok sure, that's fair enough I'll go and check out your game. It's nice to see activity on here again. Is Sara gonna sign up?
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    Maybe I can talk about it later but for now no, my best friends know what happened but its actually painful. I just want a new start and have fun here which is why I brought my game. Hopefully it can change the activity here!
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    I'm super glad to hear that! I'm good! Besides what being jobless is doing to me I'm well. I'm redecorating my house, and finding offline hobbies like solving puzzles
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    Good. I’ve been super happy since I started fully stanning Kpop, and quarantine has given me a lot of downtime over the summer to really focus on my personal life. I hope you’re feeling well, too.
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    Thank you! And nice to meet you!
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    Its nice to see you again! How are you doing?
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    Hey Dirkje, welcome! Wow, I am shocked to see so much forum activity here today. It has become so quiet recently. What did actually happen to WOP? I remember there was an announcement that it was going to become more of a news site and then I wasn't really sure what happened after that. I know you said you don't wanna discuss past forum stuff but I was just curious and again, welcome!
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