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    I'm gonna recommend a few more: And anyone who likes kpop, needs to listen to this perfect bop: And this one:
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    Ooh this is a cute little bop!
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    She deserved for this to smash; it was such a fucking bop.
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    she snapped yet again ! hope the new album will be like these last 4 singles she released
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    Denis is like the Russian Nick Jonas now.. like I heard his teasers but all the bitches in his behind the scenes mv I can't right now
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    Slaying a live performance while being pregnant? Katy Perry is doing just THAT!
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    Denis solo music is coming tomorrow.. holy shit. It won't be English but fuck it I'm so keen
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    Happy birthday! Enjoy your day!
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    Happy birthday @hammer! I hope its a great one!
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    Happy birthday @hammer
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