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    Oh yay! That is very exciting! Lucky you!
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    The way you are making the death of an innocent black man about who is an SJW, or who is a leftist is proof that YOU are racist. You're purposefully politicizing his death and bringing shame on the people reacting to it. You don't get to tell black people how they should react to someone's death. Reminder that it was a RIOT that gave us gay rights in the first place. Educate yourself and sit your dumb ass down before I find a flight to Australia and kick your teeth in myself
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    Biden was not my first choice, however, he is the right choice. Politician will always win over celebrity no matter what political party you are.
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    Same! I'm not a fan of Biden, BUT I'll be damned if I don't try to get Jabba the Hutt out of office. I'm voting democrat no matter what
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    He angers me so much. His actions are unforgivable. I can only hope everyone votes in November.
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