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  1. You haven’t wrote me a application so [emoji8] write me one [emoji13] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  2. I want to welcome @Sempiternal to the team as news poster and @Treacherous Swiftie as part of our promo team! If you feel like you can be an asset for our forum feel free to send me an dm
  3. We from PopXclusive, would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Tommy --
  4. Today i performed some maintenance on the server and our site. We finally moved to php 7.4 which will make stuff even faster and more secure. Sorry for not being on much had lots of stuff to deal with the past few days you all
  5. Hey all, I am looking for promo team members and staff to post news on the regular. Feel free to apply!
  6. Hi fellow PopXclusive members may I introduce to you our first mod @Still Alive Scott has proven to be a valuable asset and you all seem to like him so i thought why not have him as a mod. to get to know him you can visit his introduction topic and also use it to ask him anything greetings, lara
  7. Thank you love! I miss being on the forum.

  8. Hey welcome on this forum, nice to see you re-registered i really hope you get posting we love new content
  9. Lots of final optimizations done after i fixed the misconfiguration issue with our host. <3 even the new theme shouldn't lag anymore!

  10. Just did the final configurations and rules on certain sections! ;)


  11. Stan Wars is the home of controlled arguments related to artists and celebrities. If you want to fight out an argument about celebrities, artists, music, charts/sales, and related topics, you must take it here. The argument must be about pop culture and only pop culture. Personal fights are not permitted on PopXclusive. In this thread you will not be warned for flamebait or trolling. All other PopXclusive rules still apply. Stan Wars Rules Do not insult, attack or give rude nicknames to other members or stan bases. For instance: Calling another user a rude name, such as an "idiot" or "dumbass" will be warned and punished. Calling another fan base a rude nickname, such as "Little Sh**sters" or "The HIVe" will be warned and punished. Do not post anything insensitive, offensive or disturbing. If you're having trouble figuring out what this means or if your post could fall under this category, don’t post it. If you do post it, you’re doing so at your own risk. Do not mangle the name of a popular figure that would obviously violate the rule stated above. You can use their double chins or weight but don't add mental health and drugs into it. Do not post anything graphic or explicit. Do not talk about things unrelated to pop culture. No personal attacks. Do not spam. Rules updated: April 17th, 2020. 4.35PM Amsterdam time
  12. you can now login with steam, spotify and google! check settings to link your accounts ;)https://popxclusive.com/settings/

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