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  1. What are your favorite songs on SAWAYAMA?
  2. Break Free, One Last Time, thank u next maybe (Idk how it will be in the future)
  3. I have decided to add Rina Sawayama to my stanlist. Gosh that album is amazing :legend: 

  4. Mods! Do your job! The first spammer has arrived!

  5. New CD's: Atomic Kitten: Right Now Ladies Night Feels So Good Alesha Dixon - The Alesha Show New Rare CD: So happy to say I now own a copy of Christina Aguilera's Just Be Free!
  6. Responding to the announcement: maybe if you put in more efford in making this forum more active, people would gain interest again. I’ve held back in commenting, but I would love to see more people joining, more activity so we can actually have games and events. Show a little bit more like you care about the forum :) 

  7. Bump! If I can get one or 2 more entries I'll plan a date and time for the ceremony!
  8. Rn I'm being obessed with Smile (whole album) and Future Nostalgia (whole album)
  9. I'm 27 but I just dont feel comfortable uploading my ID lol
  10. People who join the rating: - Black Beauty (sent ratings) - Dirkje
  11. Not gonna lie it wasnt cheap as indeed its rare. As it was sealed and all the songs play normal. I was so scared with a rare buy like this to get scammed or something. Everything went well and I'm so happy! Its like a showpiece of my collection!
  12. New CD’s: Katy Perry - Smile And after searching for months and months, I finally found Katy Hudson! So proud to day I own a copy of Katy’s real first album!
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