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  1. New CD's: Atomic Kitten: Right Now Ladies Night Feels So Good Alesha Dixon - The Alesha Show New Rare CD: So happy to say I now own a copy of Christina Aguilera's Just Be Free!
  2. Responding to the announcement: maybe if you put in more efford in making this forum more active, people would gain interest again. I’ve held back in commenting, but I would love to see more people joining, more activity so we can actually have games and events. Show a little bit more like you care about the forum :) 

  3. Bump! If I can get one or 2 more entries I'll plan a date and time for the ceremony!
  4. Rn I'm being obessed with Smile (whole album) and Future Nostalgia (whole album)
  5. I'm 27 but I just dont feel comfortable uploading my ID lol
  6. People who join the rating: - Black Beauty (sent ratings) - Dirkje
  7. Not gonna lie it wasnt cheap as indeed its rare. As it was sealed and all the songs play normal. I was so scared with a rare buy like this to get scammed or something. Everything went well and I'm so happy! Its like a showpiece of my collection!
  8. New CD’s: Katy Perry - Smile And after searching for months and months, I finally found Katy Hudson! So proud to day I own a copy of Katy’s real first album!
  9. The VMAs were everything! Lady Gaga sweeped like its 2010 again. Gaga being Gaga with Gaga outfits and wearing a mask <3 Dua Lipa winning her first VMA ever <3 I love my faves!

    1. Sempiternal


      my fave also won his first award T-T was such a good day

  10. Breaking! My first megarate of this forum is here! Sign up and PM me your ratings for the smile megarate! 


  11. I'm aware of the little community we have, thats why its fine if I get just 3 people (or more). I'll send in my honest rates as well! I'm gonna host the Smile Megarate! And if you read the title well, I decided to add some bonus tracks! Your tracklist: 1. Never Really Over 2. Cry About It Later 3. Teary Eyes 4. Daisies 5, Resilient 6. Not The End Of The Wold 7. Smile 8. Champagne Problems 9. Tucked 10. Harleys in Hawaii 11. Only Love 12. What Makes A Woman 13. Small Talk 14. Never Worn White 15. 365 (with Zedd) Rules and guidelines: - Everyone can join, thats why I didnt post it in the club - You rate everything honestly with scores between 1/10 and 10./10 except you get 1 11/10 for your favorite track of the album! - PM me your scores! - Sign up by posting in the threads! As soon as I think I have enough for a decent score, I will come back and pick a date and time that works for everyone that signed up for this! @Still Alive can you tag everybody? Thanks hun! Lets go!
  12. I think my parents and Katy agreed that if they had a daughter they would give her a name starting with a D ;) 

  13. I love Dua Lipa so much! But the club remix album reminded me how much I actually hate remixes! I think its unnecessary and just not my cup of tea. But I love the physical remix with Gwen!!

    1. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      The “Levitating” remix is good though :krissass:

    2. Dirkje


      Yeah but the original >>>>>>>>

  14. Hello! Welcome! I'll be honest and say I dont remember you so nice to meet you!
  15. I know that corona crisis has ruined a lot and everybody knows someone that is sick or used to be. But is there anything you've learned from this period? To me I've been thinking and really grateful for all the luxury I have. Even the luxury to have a drink in a pub. The luxury to hug people.
  16. I'm gonna see Dua Lipa in February 2021
  17. Do you have any concerts planned if everything goes well with Corona? Share!
  18. Lets have a real throwback thread here. A dedication to where it all started for real for Katy. Tracklist: 1. "Trust in Me" 04:46 2. "Piercing" 04:06 3. "Search Me" 05:00 4. "Last Call" 03:07 5. "Growing Pains" 04:05 6. "My Own Monster" 05:25 7. "Spit" 05:10 8. "Faith Won't Fail" 05:14 9. "Naturally" 04:33 10. "When There's Nothing Left" 06:45
  19. Ikr? Even if I didnt stan, I would say she deserves nominations. Its clear that 2020 is her year!
  20. Being on the same forum with you again is all I could ask for!
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