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  1. from the first photo i thought she was marrying tyler posey i-
  2. no that's not a second wave lol. a second wave would come if they'd pretty much eradicated it and then cases spiked after that. new zealand is approaching a second wave after 102 days of no cases, someone caught it. in the states they never came close to getting rid of it, they just opened too early and cases that had only started to drop went back up again. most of the states that were shut down, either stayed shut down while florida opened prematurely so no. not a second wave.
  3. because mcfly came out right after v started to take off and outshone them. they made a whole statement that they guessed people didn't wanan see dudes dancing anymore and wanted to see them with guitars instead. even though busted played their own music too i mean??? it was just super salty and weird but the one album they did have was full of bops and i miss it. they're a band called issues, i became friends with a few of them. still talk to the singer every now and again. i made a spreadsheet i've been to over 300 shows so that's at least 600+ bands with supports or bands i caught at festivals. it's a lot lol.
  4. ty! my cd collection is back in england is much more pop orientated. pop vinyls, especially color variants, are just hard to come by and very expensive i've found lol.
  5. this is still the first wave for the united states. we haven't gotten it under control, only like 3 states have seen a decline the rest constantly are going up.
  6. my list is.... extensive. put it this way, there's one band i've seen 30 times now so...
  7. I REMEMBER THIS TOUR and i loved every second of it. v were my jam for so long after this show and then they broke up and blamed it all on mcfly lmao
  8. i collect records and memorabilia from shows. for my records: 7" all american rejects - don't leave me (white) all time low - everything is fine on your birthday (pink) broadside - king of nothing/empty (pink/purple smash) lewis capaldi - someone you loved (america's sweetheart alternate cover) one direction - midnight memories (rsd picture disc) poison - nothin but a good time (poster pack) taking back sunday - twenty twenty surgery (picture disc) the used - pretty handsome awkward (picture disc) the used - the bird and the worm (picture disc) 10" mayday parade - tales told by dead friends (10 year anniversary, half black/half yellow) taking back sunday - artist picks (orange) 12" the academy is - almost here (clear) the academy is - santi (clear w/ red/orange splatter) against me! - transgender dysphoria blues (baby pink) against me! - shape shift with me (clear) all american rejects - self-titled (pink marble) all time low - put up or shut up (green/yellow smash) all time low - so wrong it's right (clear w/ purple/blue/red splatter) all time low - future hearts (baby blue) all time low - last young renegade (red) avenged sevenfold - city of evil (purple marble) avenged sevenfold - self-titled (grey marble) avenged sevenfold - nightmare (blue w/black splatter) blessthefall - witness (blue) bring me the horizon - suicide season (pink marble) bring me the horizon - sempiternal (yellow) bring me the horizon - that's the spirit (black) broadside - old bones (grey marble) broadside - paradise (yellow marble) busted - night driver (white) lewis capaldi - divinely uninspired (red) closure in moscow - first temple (white with orange splatter) dear evan hansen - soundtrack (blue) emarosa - versus (white) emarosa - 131 (half blue/half white) emarosa - peach club (white/black/pink smash) fall out boy - from under the cork tree (orange w/ brown haze) fall out boy - infinity on high (clear w/ blue/white splatter) fall out boy - folie a deux (2 disc, 1 red/1 yellow) fall out boy - american beauty/american psycho (blue ice marble) forever the sickest kids - underdog alma mater (gold) foxy shazam - self-titled (half black/half white w/ red splatter) foxy shazam - church of rock n' roll (black) grayscale - adornment (olive green) grayscale - nella vita (ocean green) the greatest showman - soundtrack (blue marble) the greatest showman - re-imagined (gold) haim - days are gone (black) hannah montana - best of (purple) high school musical - soundtrack (gold) issues - black diamonds (clear w/ black haze & etching) issues - self-titled (gold marble) issues - headspace (clear w/ purple haze) issues - beautiful oblivion (blue/black smash) lany - malibu nights (blue) the maine - can't stop won't stop (gold) mayday parade - a lesson in romantics (half clear/half gold w/ gold splatter) shawn mendes - self titled (baby pink) motley crue - girls, girls, girls (black) my american heart - hiding inside the horrible weather (coke bottle clear) my chemical romance - bullets (bone w/ baby pink marble) my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge (bright pink) my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge (picture disc) my chemical romance - black parade (picture disc) my chemical romance - danger days (picture disc) the neighbourhood - i love you (pink marble) paramore - all we know is falling (clear w/ multi-color splatter) paramore - riot (orange) paramore - brand new eyes (green marble) paramore - after laughter (baby pink) ben platt - sing to me instead (bone) the plot in you - dispose (clear w/ red bloodshot) the rocket summer - hello good friend (half yellow/half blue) the rocket summer - do you feel (bone) simple plan - no pads (red translucent) sleeping with sirens - let's cheers to this (gold/cream smash) sleeping with sirens - if you were a movie (purple) state champs - the finer things (half red/half yellow w/ blue splatter) state champs - the acoustic things (blue w/ black haze) state champs - around the world (white w/ gray splatter) state champs - living proof (white w/ cream haze & red splatter) state champs - living proof (baby pink marble) stranger things - season 3 soundtrack - clear w/ red/white/blue marble) taking back sunday - tell all your friends (orange) taking back sunday - lounder now (gold) taking back sunday - happiness is (white w/red haze) taking back sunday - tidal wave (clear w/ blue splatter) twenty one pilots - vessel (clear) the used - in love and death (tri-color red/white/black) the used - lies for the liars (red/black smash) the used - shallow believer (blue) the used - heartwork (clear w/ rainbow splatter) the used - heartwork (red w/ rainbow splatter) waterparks - double dare (red w/ purple/white splatter) waterparks - entertainment (clear w/ pink haze & purple splatter) waterparks - fandom (green w/ white splatter) waterparks - fandom (green) we the kings - self-titled (red w/ gold smash) wicked - soundtrack (green) years & years - palo santo (red) 5sos - youngblood (orange) the 1975 - i like it when you sleep... (clear) coming in the mail broadside - the raging sea (black/bone smash) cute is what we aim for - there's a class for this (7" picture disc) dayseeker - sleep talk (blue) kids in glass houses - easy tiger (7" picture disc) madina lake - here i stand (7" picture disc) 3 unknown records from vnyl
  9. bearings - so damn wrong spiritbox - blessed be hurtwave - sever hellions - lotus eater lady gaga - alice
  10. we been knew she was trash. i've been yelling this for years when her past broadway peers came forward and said she was awful to work with. people didn't listen. i'm glad they are now but literally she has shown time and time again that she's truly garbage and assumes she's untouchable.
  11. a cis-gender white woman trying to police trans people? wow what a shocker. we have no choice but to cancel ha.
  12. am i the only one that doesn't sense the sincerity? especially when she's done everything to prove that she is homophobic and transphobic and when people called her out in the past her apologies were simply 'sorry you got offended'. as a gay woman, i don't buy it.
  13. i hope they're doing it online..... because a second wave is coming and that wouldn't be great for fans or artists in attendance
  14. honestly yes but it was the only place i could go when cop was closed
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