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  1. I'll unveil the results today or tomorrow I've just been doing other shit lately.
  2. Just wrote a new depressing poem.

  3. I don’t want to go on. The negativity is thriving. The pain is too much. I can’t stop thinking about dying. I’m not in a good place, What’s the point in forcing a smile? I tried it doesn’t fucking change the way I feel. So what’s the point in being fake? I’m trapped and I’m suffocating I want to be free. These four walls they laugh at me and mock me. Inside this prison is a dark aura, it amplifies my pain, it worsens the negativity within my brain, it awakens the hatred. Quarantine is destroying my sanity. My mind is a dark place, at the rate I’m declining, I may as well adopt a mentality of depravity. When will I be free, when I will I escape? No one fucking knows. I’ll just have to suffer and wait.
  4. ME!ss is Taylor's worst lead don't know what she was thinking. LWYMMD may be repetitive but the music video is iconic and it was a fucking moment in pop culture.
  5. So come on come on come Let's get Physical! 

  6. Love that song. It's my second favorite after False God
  7. I'm gonna do the results this weekend so you can still participate if you haven't.
  8. It's gonna be on Nick I believe so nothing explicit unfortunately .
  9. Wendy should watch what she says people already don't like her.
  10. I'm so fucking miserable. 

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