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  1. Bruh dead. Anyway stream  Prisoner by Miley Cyrus

  2. I'm happy to say that I stan Katy now. I'm a swiftiecat lol.

    1. Dirkje


      Welcome to the club!! Well I just opened a Smile megarate, how about signing up? 

  3. Stream Smile.

    1. Dirkje


      I will, dont worries! 

  4. I'm so fucking thirsty and have zero problem getting what I want  but I'm not trying to break social distancing. 

  5. My happiness went away as soon as it came. I'm so tired of feeling miserable.

    1. Sempiternal


      hope you feel better soon x

  6. Fuck my life. No maybe fuck our lives?  Idk lol.

  7. Please check out my poetry corner my two latest poems are probably the most personal ones I've shared in quite some time. 


  8. Just wrote a new depressing poem.

  9. So come on come on come Let's get Physical! 

  10. I'm so fucking miserable. 

  11. Once again I'm staying up recklessly and I don't give a fuck. It's almost 6 am and I haven't slept. :nickiunbothered:

  12. Join my Lover megarate please 


  13. I like women and men work so fucking much need a twinny twin twin.


  14. Even though you're bad for me I know you're the one that I'm thinkin, got me feelin so incredible would you mind maybe linkin?

  15. Deepthroat is stuck in my head again. :kelly:

    1. Still Alive

      Still Alive

      Oh, the ways to respond to this!

  16. I can't be your only 1 no I can't be your only 1.

  17. I guess I should take my ass to bed and get my 5 or so hours of sleep it's almost 5:30 am haha. I  always stayed up late even when my classes weren't all online but I love how I give zero fucks about my sleep schedule now. I mean what's the point in trying to stick to a normal schedule cause nothing is normal?

  18. Your eyes are wider than distance this life is sweeter than fiction.

  19. We'd still worship this love even if it's a false god.

  20. My dad gets on my last fucking nerve His off days are the worst for me.   I can't wait till this shit is over so I can start working and  make progress towards my goal of moving out this year and I'll definitely be looking for a second job because that will mean faster progress.

    1. laracroftonline


      i'm here for you if you need me ;)


    2. Treacherous Swiftie
  21. Please check out my poetry corner. 


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