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  1. Bruh dead. Anyway stream  Prisoner by Miley Cyrus

  2. It's Like That- Mariah Carey Smile and Folklore album.
  3. I'm happy to say that I stan Katy now. I'm a swiftiecat lol.

    1. Dirkje


      Welcome to the club!! Well I just opened a Smile megarate, how about signing up? 

  4. Stream Smile.

    1. Dirkje


      I will, dont worries! 

  5. https://open.spotify.com/album/4hTYaCoN8DjdbkfeM92SWr?si=dfEoh5aMQryAZeVT9SvFWA
  6. Well I was supposed to see Halsey in June of this year at the Hollywood Bowl my dad won me tickets and well it's postponed to June 2020 so hopefully shit is back to normal and it happens. And If Lover fest happens next year I will do what i must to get tickets. I've been dying to see Taylor in concert since i became a swiftie in late 2017. And If Miley,Demi, James Bay, or any of my other faves tour i will be seeing them no doubt.
  7. Welcome to my megarate for Folklore aka Taylor's 8th studio album submit your scores here. https://forms.gle/4eBCbD1xgtgeMjqs8 Rate each song on a scale of 1 to 10, but give your favorite an 11. Scores will be due in about a week.
  8. My first concert was Demi on the Tell Me You Love Me Tour in March 2018. My second concert was Sabrina Carpenter on the Singular tour in March of 2019. My third concert was Ariana Grande Sweetener tour in May 2019.
  9. Thank you, It's also queen Ari's birthday,
  10. It's still open i never actually closed the form i don't think. https://forms.gle/4EEuAK8nyXPmnGRQA
  11. I never did the results because i wanted more participants tbh.
  12. I'm so fucking thirsty and have zero problem getting what I want  but I'm not trying to break social distancing. 

  13. Of course I don't. I share my poems because maybe they might be helpful to other people you never know. It felt could to call Miss Rona a cockblocking little bitch, because Coronavirus is, I've been feeling like a thirsty hoe for months now.
  14. My happiness went away as soon as it came. I'm so tired of feeling miserable.

    1. Sempiternal


      hope you feel better soon x

  15. Fuck my life. No maybe fuck our lives?  Idk lol.

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