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  1. Fuck my life. No maybe fuck our lives?  Idk lol.

  2. Such an ignorant comment, but it doesn't surprise me seeing as you stan Trump.
  3. Please check out my poetry corner my two latest poems are probably the most personal ones I've shared in quite some time. 


  4. I wrote this yesterday, May 31st my mom's birthday and that's a difficult day for me because she's dead. You're gone but I'm always thinking of you. On specific days such as this one it's hard not to feel blue. It's your birthday, so I'm writing this poem to commemorate you. I don't want to be sad.I want to remember all of the good times that we had. You loved carnations so whenever I see them I'll think of you. I hope that you're proud of all the fears that I've finally gotten the courage to overcome and my accomplishments too. I love you. You're gone but you're still with me. I'll do my best to stay strong and happy.
  5. Sometimes I wish that I didn't exist. I get these thoughts quite a bit lately. This is a world of pain I'm living in I enjoy life but I don't enjoy it like this, Everyday hurts I'm miserable as shit I want someone to cuddle with, I want someone to love and more, I'm tired of playing with my dick, But that can't happen right now because Miss Rona is a cockblocking little bitch. It's nothing new to me because I'm used to waiting, It's just more frustrating because my appetite is awakened now that I've experienced things. I don't want my life to end but I'm tired of feeling this way, It's too much to handle I'm losing my grip I just want someone to tell me that it's going to be okay. I’m tired of feeling like shit. Tell me that the acid rain will cease, Tell me that it will stop burning me. Sometimes I'm afraid that my reckless sleeping habits in quarantine will eventually make my heart stop. Tell me that I'm going to be okay please. When you're miserable, hope for a brighter future seems to be the only thing that you've got. Know that You have love even if you feel alone. Even if you feel blue, you have love, it just may not be from you.
  6. I disappeared and was inactive because i've been going through some shit, I've been depressed. I'm still not in the greatest place but I'm gonna do stuff now.
  7. Happy Pride Month ya'll. This is my first pride month as an out bisexual. I wasn't expecting this month to go down like this exactly, but no one did let's be real. Maybe shit will be back to normal by next year who the fuck knows.
  8. I'll unveil the results today or tomorrow I've just been doing other shit lately.
  9. Just wrote a new depressing poem.

  10. I don’t want to go on. The negativity is thriving. The pain is too much. I can’t stop thinking about dying. I’m not in a good place, What’s the point in forcing a smile? I tried it doesn’t fucking change the way I feel. So what’s the point in being fake? I’m trapped and I’m suffocating I want to be free. These four walls they laugh at me and mock me. Inside this prison is a dark aura, it amplifies my pain, it worsens the negativity within my brain, it awakens the hatred. Quarantine is destroying my sanity. My mind is a dark place, at the rate I’m declining, I may as well adopt a mentality of depravity. When will I be free, when I will I escape? No one fucking knows. I’ll just have to suffer and wait.
  11. ME!ss is Taylor's worst lead don't know what she was thinking. LWYMMD may be repetitive but the music video is iconic and it was a fucking moment in pop culture.
  12. So come on come on come Let's get Physical! 

  13. Love that song. It's my second favorite after False God
  14. I'm gonna do the results this weekend so you can still participate if you haven't.
  15. It's gonna be on Nick I believe so nothing explicit unfortunately .
  16. Wendy should watch what she says people already don't like her.
  17. I'm so fucking miserable. 

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