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  1. msl

    BTS exposed as racists?

    Easy to say if you're not on the receiving end of the 'joke'.
  2. PopXclusive >>>>> WOP and anyone who disagrees is a HATER 

    1. KingorQueen


      Sara was always a miserable old prune. 

  3. omg is that young Jimmy Fallon? a snack
  4. This queen follows me on twitter and is always honest! She's pretty big on Youtube! And her account got hacked a few weeks ago! Fortunately she got it back! Do you like her?
  5. Her musician parents named her Morissette after their fave rock singer Alanis Morissette kii isn't it Ironic.mp3
  6. I mean who from the new girls can do a Whitney song really justice? No one else. This is what Ariana thought she sounded like when covering Whitney lol and Beyonce
  7. She also outraps Nicki and Cardi! New queen of rap and English is her 2nd language! @ALegendIsReborn found SHAKING
  8. Morissette Amon from the Philippines. She's huge on Youtube. Fluidity, power and ease for lives. Her singing Sia's Chandelier Can sing any of the new pop girls' songs even better. Ariana found SHAKING Zara Larsswho? Better than Demi The best rendition of Never Enough you'll ever hear Versatile af, can sing rock. Zombie by the Cranberries Her Little Mix cover has 128M views and put the original to shame!
  9. LMFAO never saw the complete name (SARS-CoV-2) before and at first glance I thought it was @ALegendIsReborn making a troll title like SARS for IsThatSaraS kfdjfkdjfdkfjdk
  10. msl


    oh yes I remember you
  11. msl


    thanks, who were you
  12. msl


    cupcake = super protective
  13. msl


    Hi everyone I was msl, i dont really use that name on twitter anymore cuz im not a cupcake mariah fan anymore lol You can follow me https://twitter.com/Timorissetthy Stream this masterpiece
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