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  1. Is this really the time to be shading celebs publicly, especially after her raising charity funds
  2. I don't think she is well, especially those videos with her dancing in different rooms of her house where she looks topped up on ketamine. Evidence A:
  3. Welcome back hun! Hope you and Debbie are doing well in this harrowing quarantine!
  4. Hey, nice to see you!
  5. Netflix, Amazon Prime etc Ps4 and Steam Cooking Having my daily walk and exercise
  6. Low, the people aren't really interested anymore. Only the gays will pay her bills for this era.
  7. 1. Future Nostalgia / Dua Lipa 2. Miss Anthropocene / Grimes 3. Cape God / Allie X 4. Rare / Selena Gomez 5. High Road / Kesha
  8. Hey ! Who is this nice to see you babe!
  9. She's here Lovely to see you all again And I'm sure its likewise lets have a pop debate
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