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  1. Island’s Shawn Mendes is the favorite for #1 on next Friday’s HITS Top 50. Bad Bunny, the current chart champ, is expected to fall to #2. Christmas titles will again dominate the chart but we don’t anticipate any to challenge for the top. Shawn Mendes (Island) 85-95k total activity, 45-55k albums. A pretty drastic drop considering his last album debuted with 182,000 (https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=324313&title=NEW-RELEASES%3A-FULL-OF-WONDER)
  2. It is Taylor's 31st song to achieve this mark, and is the second nonsingle from reputation to reach this.
  3. Both eras had massive hype, and were both loved by the GP and critics, but it seems that even Ariana's title as the queen of streaming can't help her outstream or outsell Taylor's album that is 4 years older. Sweetener left the Billboard 200 in its 85th week, whereas 1989 was stable that week, reaching its 280th week. Additionally 1989 reached 100,000 units moved in 2020 in the United States faster than sweetener (via chartdata), and if that isn't enough evidence, 1989 (which was held back from streaming for 3 years) is currently gaining 1.75m daily streams on Spotify compared to 1.62m for sweetener. Why is this the case?
  4. Can't wait for season 3 to come out on Netflix
  5. The song's iconic bridge has been going viral across the Philippines, causing it to rapidly surge on all platforms in the region, despite being over a decade old.
  6. Cruel Summer would've just been an absolute radio smash and Lover embodies the album really well, but I also think Miss Americana could've been a good way to start an era coming off her sharing her political opinions, not lead-related but I would've kept YNTCD and Lover in the same spots they are now as the 2nd/3rd singles, and then pushed IFTYE as the 4th, it could've really taken off on tik tok.
  7. Rain on Me gonna be the worst song since Me!, a nightmare
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