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  1. Xbox One most often but I do play on the PS4 sometimes
  2. GTA Online is good - but I suppose it depends on who you're in a session with. Some people can be really over the top with killing everyone and everything in sight but sometimes you get a good session where it doesn't feel like you're being relentlessly pursued
  3. Watching Desperate Housewives (again), photoshop, GTA Online, Red Dead Online, sometimes going into The Sims for 20 minutes and then getting bored. Mostly talking to a guy. Ironic that the one time a guy seems genuinely into me, we're forced into lockdown. Ah well.
  4. Adam

    Adam's artwork

    Thank you! I think I wanted to use that specific Kelly photo because the actual album cover was a bit dull for such a great album. I can't remember where I got the Carly photo, but I'll try and see if I still have it saved somewhere! Edit: Okay, I actually found it in 1906x1906 online so don't have to crawl through my hard drive! it's here
  5. Adam

    Adam's artwork

    A mix from oldest I can find of mine to most recent. None of them are overly spectacular - just basic stuff. The Carly one, for whatever reason, is the one with the most interactions on my Tumblr for the artworks. I literally made that cause I was bored in class. There's a Shania one on my artwork instagram that Shania herself liked so sort of wish I put more effort into that one lmao.
  6. Thank you! I'd need to find the best of the bunch to post first haha
  7. I got a lil bored so I made an album cover out of that photo I love so much.
  8. Despite what people say... ME! was a great lead. It had a great video, a great featured artist and even though it was childish... It was super catchy.
  9. I hadn’t even thought of the album cover like that! Okay now we stan it!
  10. I'd be fine with the album cover if I hadn't seen this image. This would look amazing, especially for vinyl!
  11. The album has been pushed back indefinitely. iTunes and Amazon are both showing the release date as December 31st. Hopefully this gives them time to update the album cover.
  12. Country seems to be becoming a much more popular genre, especially among younger people. It's interesting. That said, mainstream country is slowly becoming more of a blended country and pop sound. The boundaries that used to exist, even up until a few years ago seem to have disappeared. Gwen Stefani of all people is currently having a hit with a country song. Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey's duet seems like it's going to be pretty popular. Even the Dixie Chicks new music sounds like it's more pop leaning than country. It says a lot that even Dolly Parton - the QUEEN of country music has sort of stepped away. She's doing more gospel influenced stuff now and even had an EDM single out last year. So maybe because all of this is happening, it isn't... "uncool", I guess, to like country. Which is great! Albums like 'Wildcard' by Miranda Lambert, 'Hollywood Gypsy' by Twinnie and 'Cry Pretty' by Carrie Underwood are all great albums that deserve(d) huge mainstream success worldwide!
  13. I know people rip on it for being pretty much a rehash of the Out Of Control Tour, but the TEN Tour for sure. Entering on a giant Girls Aloud logo, the Models and The Show section, the I'll Stand By You moment, the outfits... I just love it all. I really wish I got to see them before they split - but alas, Sugababes were my first concert so I can't complain!
  14. Seems like two songs will be released on Friday! Comeback and Lonely Hearts! A few people have said Lonely Hearts is the best song so we shall see..!
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