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  1. Omg hey, welcome 👋 I've not spoken to you in ages, it's nice to see you here
  2. Most of the songs I've heard are kinda meh, they can be cute for a while but they are not incredible and don't stand out in the 2020 market, they don't live up to her previous material
  3. Omg, welcome legend 







  4. Ariana is about a savage as a plate of jelly 1. Megan 2. Rihanna 3. Demi 4. blackpink 5. Ariana
  5. Yeah fair enough, there are just a few salty members there that have dampened the experience recently
  6. Omg awesome!!! I ued to like V, Hip To Hip was my jam, I'm pretty sure I had the CD single. Their music doesn't seem to be on Spotify though which sucks Why did they blame McFly? I guess because they were big at the time so maybe they were taking the market Omg, spill!
  7. Heya, welcome, I'm not sure I remember you. Maybe we were active on cop at different times. Were you thinmints on cop too?
  8. Hey, can we bring in the ability to change our display name on here?
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