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    Love, gaming, art, music, tv shows/movies, anime/manga, vintage things, etc.
  • Favorite Songs
    Holy Ground, I knew u were trouble, story of us, moment i knew, karma, broke my heart(hey violet), all about you(Hilary duff), First, lover, paper rings, London boy, miss americana, end game, denial,
  • Favorite Albums
    Red, Speak Now, Lover/Rep, Living for the weekend, breakaway, best damn thing, goodbye Lullaby, head above water, EG Crazy/Cool,
  • Favorite Concerts
    Never have been to one but always wanted to go to one
  • Favorite TV Shows
    Glee, patriot(amazon), teen wolf, awkward, victorious/childhood shows, chasing the Saturdays, love island
  • Favorite Movies
    Camp rock
  • Favorite Music Videos
    Sparks Fly/Story of Us/All About you/I knew you were trouble/What the Hell/Since You been gone/what about us(the saturdays)
  • Favorite Artists
    Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, The Saturdays, E-Girls, Tamia, Ashlee Simpson, Skye Sweetnom, Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Glee Cast
  • Favorite Type of Music
    Pop-Rock/Dance-Pop/Club-Pop,R&B dance-pop, acoustics, electronic, some hip-hop/rap
  • Favorite Games
    Ps4 mostly. I used to play on gameboy/DS/Wii/Gameboy and other older product systems etc

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  1. Welcome to the forum
  2. Queen of pop is naturallll and we live for realness I hvn't heard song while to I do love the song tho
  3. I live for her rawness than the "nothing mood" of other cover. This one is much better. I wish mood ring had video tho or love me down. I'm so happy for fans and myself included to
  4. Happy for you both. I love what you both do so keep doing what you both love doing
  5. 1989 pretty much made Taylor into an pop icon. Sweetener is ariana worst and probably one of her top 2 messy releases in her career
  6. Nice me to. Whos your fave character/song cover on it?
  7. Now I'm so happy she made this iconic song into a single. Truly one of the greatest songs in history. Period.
  8. @Slut Drop On My D I sort of saw your watching show to right? I made topic for it
  9. Congrats to her I love born to die more so I should listen to L4L little more
  10. I'm rewatching glee second season. I'm watching bit of other stuff. I use online site to watch other shows to but whenever I get time to.
  11. Well I was rewatching glee. I wanted to watch politician maybe next. Their on Netflix. There's few shows/movies I wish they had more of tho
  12. Omg that's so sad. Why does she keep losing people around her? Prayers to her and her family. My prayers also going to her and her grandmon to (I heard 1 or 2 months ago I think)
  13. Mine are mostly Lips are Movin'/Title (title track), and better when I'm dancing are my faves. I hear better when song on few regular radio pop stations. I feel like that deserves more than her mega hit lol. I even liked dance like your daddy which has nice rthym (I hvn't heard it in long time). This was when I heard her other album released
  14. I wanted YNCD, The Man or maybe even Miss Americana if promoted right. I loved Me! Even tho some people said eh to it. I love each of what she does on her albums.
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