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  1. Someone promote this site. Is dead af.

  2. I don't like Karol G at all but cute song.
  3. Rewatched The Rain, can't wait for season 3.
  4. Bruja


    Hello sweetheart!
  5. 1989 is iconic. The album is pretty good, while Sweetener aged like milk.
  6. Animal Crossing New Horizons and Mario Maker
  7. I'm stuck at season 5, stopped watching after that but it's a really good show.
  8. -Well... Yeah, I agree about discord. The discord mess was a part of the downfall so let's not include that here. -Well, I meant the good ones at least. The forum originally had so many amazing and good members, all the bitter and problematic members can stay away tho. -Anyways, maybe what we need is a new environment full of new and friendly people. If that's the approach of PopX, it needs the promo, without that it won't get members. I mean, it's gonna be hard. Even I hesitated to sign up and make an account here...
  9. Then I'll definitely do it. This quarantine life is making me crazy so I'll watch any tv show/movie I can find.
  10. I think is normal, the forum it's still pretty new. I do agree it needs more promo so someone should work on that. Making the twitter account active and using it constantly for promo could help a ton. Discord could be great for promo too. Also, we need all the old COP members to comeback. The problem is that most of them are sick of anything COP related. So yeah, it is gonna be hard at first.
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