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  1. Yeah, same. I think she's been sincere in these tweets and I respect her for that.
  2. Bruja


  3. Racism. Destroys humanity and divides people. 2000s song you still love and listen often?
  4. Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae
  5. Great MV. The song is okay. Lisa looks flawless as always.
  6. I'm gonna recommend a few more: And anyone who likes kpop, needs to listen to this perfect bop: And this one:
  7. Florence + the machine- Between Two Lungs
  8. I really need to start eating more healthy. I feel like shit most of the time, the guilt I feel after eating anything is messing with my head.
  9. Welcome legend! You have amazing taste.
  10. I'm triggered, when I see your face
    Triggered, when I hear your name
    Triggered, I am not okay
    you need to stay out my way

  11. No, most of my faves are underrated. But I want Harry Styles to get one.
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