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  1. I feel bad for her tbh but I doubt she cares that much.
  2. Old news tbh. The joke was awful and not funny at all tho.
  3. Amazing. Talented. Impressive. Loved it and enjoyed every single song. My favorite is Exile and the 1.
  4. Taylor Swift's new album is so good and perfect. Every single song is so good and amazing. The album is so refreshing. I'm very impressed.


  5. Sounds really interesting tbh. I'm excited to see how it turns out.
  6. She's giving Kenneth Petty a child? That disgusting waste of a human? I'm sorry but this is so wrong, that guy is a rapist.
  7. Are they all gonna go with their masks and shit? I know this is a stupid question but isn't the world going through a pandemic?
  8. Winter


    Hello! Welcome to the forums.
  9. Love Song- Lana Del Rey
  10. RIP. She's a true super hero and she will be missed.
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