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  1. I put more work into My Sims 2 Episodes! I re made all of Season 1 and been working on nothing but Season 4 the past Month! Here are the playlist! Id really love if you subbed T-T MOUNT HEART: INDEX SEASON 1 (2019-2020 Version) SEASON 2 SEASON 3 SEASON 4 (ALREADY UP TO EP 10, wont be uploaded till later)
  2. Re watched Degrassi from 80s and already up to Season 3 NG! I love how the 80s cast are still in it and sometimes can spot old charactars today I noticed Spike's bestie was there during her 2nd birth and the twins at her baby shower I just love this show.
  3. Machine Gun Kelly has been using his platform to speak up against the racially-charged killing of George Floyd. And the Texas-born artist is proving he can walk the walk as he hits the streets to demand justice amid nationwide protests. He held up a sign that read 'prosecute killer cops' Sunday as he marched through Santa Monica with a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters. The 30-year-old showed off his tatted torso under an open grey shirt with a black bandana as a face mask. He finished the look with some blue slacks and a pair of white Converse high-top sneakers. He was accompanied by fellow musicians Mod Sun and Yungblud at Saturday's demonstration. The Bloody Valentine artist said Friday in a heartfelt video: 'If you look like me and you have racism in your heart, and on your mind, and coming out your mouth, f*** you. I'm ashamed of you. 'If you enjoy my music or you like my movies, I don't want you watching, I don't want your business. F*** you. I don't want nothing that's a part of the evil agenda. That's not what our generation's legacy is gonna be. 'So, I'm drawing a line, and I'm asking the people step up and speak out for our fellow people going through all this hell right now. And encourage good. 'Let our kids grow up in a world where they're not afraid to leave their f***ing house or their cars or be running down the street. Evil is running the show, man. Take it back from them. F*** these motherf***ers!' Source
  4. Impossible by Kelly Clarkson is my new JAM!


    listening to old pop albums ive missed has been a bless lately :D  Even Dua Lipa self title is my most played album lately.

  5. Last fm thread ♡ post your link here and follow eachother or help down vote or up vote pictures. I may put our last.fm in the OP just link them below. Here is mine. I changed back to my old account - https://www.last.fm/user/Marnstar_91
  6. I love it. But I'm waiting on some new members. Been trying to even tweet about this site but my Twitter is a flop so I doubt anyone would take it seriously. It's a shame this site looks so good.
  7. This is the first year that Adele isn’t eligible for the list (having turned 31 on May 5, 2019) 1. Ed Sheeran (29) – £200 million 2. Harry Styles (26) – £63 million 3. Niall Horan (26) – £50 million 4. Little Mix (26-28) – £48 million 5. Louis Tomlinson (28) – £45 million 6. Liam Payne (26) – £44 million 7. Zayn Malik (27) – £36 million 8. Sam Smith (27) – £33 million 9. Rita Ora (29) – £20 million (joint) 9. Stormzy (26) – £20 million (joint) 11. George Ezra (26) – £16 million (joint) 11. Dua Lipa (24) – £16 million (joint) https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/ed-sheeran-sunday-times-rich-list-young-musicians
  8. Happy birthday @Tommy ♡
  9. Sempiternal


    Welcome to the forum I think I remember you from cop so it's good to see you again
  10. New music video, album comes out Friday
  11. Wish it was more active Here T-T

  12. DRAG ME OUT Wanted To Make A Thread For Drag Me Out! One Of the greatest new bands around, electronic Rock Feel! New Album is also in the making! they are very new but would like to share them with you guys Denis, Chris, Stabs, & New Bass Player Kir Are amazing talented guys! Russian Band but worth a listen The lyrics are english btw. LATEST SINGLE! I'm Sorry LISTEN TO ALBUM HERE https://open.spotify.com/album/27h5Z8ute22itpWbx6Awm0?si=M7xxwwEdSOOk2ROt_UaTXg
  13. Running much smoother hope we can get some new people come by soon too ♡ this site is looking amazing
  14. Welcome to the forum hun
  15. its greatest song I have heard HOLY SHIT!
  16. First Single from Tickets For My Downfall! think why are you here was a promo single
  17. around Season 8? When it got a bit off the radar... I got bored when Fiona went all stuck up!
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