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  1. 19 hours later, 0 replies I guess I got my answer
  2. Sorry, but it doesn't really seem that way. Is anything being done to bring new members? Or there any plans for it, or have you given up before it even started? Even after getting someone on a promo and news team I see no changes..
  3. Love both the video and the song!! Ariana SERVED The look with her hair down.. whew!
  4. Congrats! Hope we'll see this forum get more members and become more active
  5. Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored :selena:

    1. Still Alive

      Still Alive

      Not me. I love being in my house. :cheers:

    2. Sempiternal


      girl same...if i'm being told to stay in my house I like want to go out.


      wanted to plan to move out of mums with my partner now stuck here..bored and alone :rly:

    3. Still Alive

      Still Alive

      Oh, I am sorry. I enjoy being home, even if I am stuck with my mom's BF most of the time. I stay in my room, with my TV and computer, and enjoy myself.

  6. Didn't know that. But it makes sense that you wouldn't respect Sam's wish.
  7. I didn't even know you used that twitter to begin with, and honestly couldn't care less if you do or not. But I can see why she wouldn't trust you.
  8. You clearly know their pronouns are they/them, as you used it in the title. So you clearly misgendered them on purpose and with bad intentions.
  9. Not a big fan of either, but the verses are really good! The chorus isn't great...
  10. Yes, how are you/we going to bring in members?
  11. Honestly, with how she looks and the things she posts she seems pretty out of it
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