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  1. I hear the thunder coming down won't you rain on me :ariicant:

  2. ITHK will forever be a bop, is it lead single worthy tho?
  3. A LEGEND, we have no choice but to stan
  4. Fun fact: If you count the letters in each word of 'spelling is fun' you get 8 2 3 (23rd of August) which is when the album was released. She really meant it when she told us to spell
  5. Inspired by @Treacherous Swiftie (deserved) attack on ME!, what do y'all think should have been the lead? I love so many songs but I don't really see anything but Lover or Cruel Summer as potential leads
  6. We'll hopefully get a visual serve to make up for it
  7. Cruel Summer completes the top 2 for me
  8. Would you be ok if you had no control over your life choices? #FreeBritney
  9. Rain on Me coming for Song of the Year at the Grammy's 2021
  10. Well well well :rih: 

    1. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      Oh my god it's been ages!

    2. laracroftonline


      Welcome ❤️

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