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  1. What I would [naturally] do is merge Sweetener and Thank U, Next into one mini-album, and cut the filler material.
  2. Rare Dance Again Look at Her Now Lose You to Love Me Vulnerable Feel Me
  3. Consideration feat. SZA Kiss It Better Needed Me Same Ol' Mistakes Love on the Brain
  4. So, you're technically six hours. So, if it were 11pm your time, it would be 5pm my time... I think?
  5. So you are the same as the UK... five-hours ahead of east coast. Which means it is about midnight your time, yes?
  6. I don't know what 11pm Amsterdam time is my time. I know UK is generally five-hours ahead of me.
  7. It's sad. People are not taking this in the serious nature that they should be; instead, they're mocking it, placing blame on political parties and their neighbours, instead of just fucking helping fix the solution. Off topic: Final changed to the default IPS layout. Our layout is too glitchy.
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