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  1. Levitating (remixed by The Blessed Madonna) featuring Missy Elliott & Madonna Physical (remixed by Mark Ronson) featuring Gwen Stefani
  2. She is holding her weight. And, to think, people underestimated her at first. Fuck, even I did.
  3. May [finally] check it out after watching Black Is King. Should've re-named the album.
  4. I have had this video for three weeks now when it leaked. Surprised this is the one leading the release.
  5. Visually, it was thrilling. Not sold on the music, but, the visual aspect of Black Is King was superb.
  6. Good. It was about time their music go on Spotify; I know they have had issues with Polydor / Fascination where their music is concerned, and have for years.
  7. Congratulations to them both, however, Russell did not give birth. LOL.
  8. Wings: 20 Move: 20 Black Magic: 18 Shout Out to My Ex: 22 Woman Like Me: 20 Break Up Song: 20
  9. A popular game on other forums, let's play a lead single survivor. You know the drill. Starting at 20 points each, add two points to one song, and subtract two from other. Wings: 20 Move: 20 Black Magic: 20 Shout Out to My Ex: 20 Woman Like Me: 20 Break Up Song: 20
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