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  1. The Challenge is a reality competition show that started airing 1998. Originally featuring alumni from MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, the show has spanned 35 seasons featuring stars from Are You The One?, Ex On The Beach (US, UK and Brazil), Geordie Shore, Floribama Shore, Big Brother (US and Celebrity UK), Love Island (UK), The Bachelorette, Vanderpump Rules, Survivor Turkey, American Ninja Warrior and many more. It is one of the longest-running reality shows of all-time. The show has also had several spin-offs, the most recognizable being The Challenge: Champs VS. Stars (first season known as Champs VS. Pros). The spin-off featured alumni from various seasons of The Challenge facing off against celebrities from both sports and entertainment in an effort to win money for the charity of their choice. Current Season: Total Madness (airs Wednesdays at 8pm on MTV)
  2. Blackpink x Miley Cyrus
  3. Doja Cat x CL x Jessi x Charli XCX
  4. Indie, I get that you're joking, but please don't sexualize murderers. It only helps to separate them from their heinous crimes.
  5. Hope his charges are upped, because while the murder may not have been premeditated, it was definitely intentional!
  6. Tsk, tsk. You seem to be following COP's lead and refusing to hire me! (jkjk ily don't crucify me) Congrats to both @Sempiternal and @Treacherous Swiftie! You're both absolute legends and deserve the positions
  7. Well maybe load up the save and look at the Sims, see if you're even still interested in playing with them. And if they don't spark joy, Marie Kondo that save file!
  8. I'd say start clean unless you have an attachment to any of your saves! Since you deleted all your CC, any Sims you used them on will be bald and naked anyway lmao
  9. As a gift for fans trending #JusticeForGlory and getting the album to #1 on the iTunes chart, the original cover art shot by Dave LaChapelle has been released to the public for the first time ever! Thoughts?
  10. H O U S E T O U R M O D E R N / S U B U R B A N F U S I O N --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1 comfy bedroom that sleeps up to 2 Sims with a walk-in closet and private backyard access - 1 diamond-shaped full bathroom with an open-air, space-saving shower - Full, compact kitchen with space to expand (if needed) and easy access to the backyard - Modern-inspired living area with a mini-dining set for up to 2 Sims and equipped with multiple forms of entertainment - Fenced-in backyard patio/pool area that seats up to 6 Sims, as well as a grill, a full bar and a poolside lounge - Front entrance doubles as a mini-mudroom to keep coats, shoes, keys, umbrellas, etc. in for easy access - Loads of open space on the lot to grow along with the Active Household ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. I love Illogical Sims and Grimcookies already, they're great! Gonna check out Littledica now. I used to be allllll Alpha all the way, but recently I've just embraced the Maxis Match style more. And a lot of Maxis Match CC does actually come with more colors swatches that what the standard game colors are. Plus, with the game being out for so long now, there are LOADS of Maxis Match skins, hairs, makeup, etc that look really awesome despite trying to match the game's style. The main thing I go alpha on are furniture, painting, flooring and some clothing items because it adds the littlest touch of extra realism that I like.
  12. Ahhh I see, that may have to do with my mix of Maxis Match and Alpha CC. I try to mainly use Maxis Match, but a bit of alpha mixed in never hurts as long as it doesn't look too out of place. As far as what CC I use, I have sooooooooo much downloaded that it would be impossible to list it all, but most of the stuff I use comes from either The Sims Resource, Lana CC Finds or Maxis Match CC World. Illogical Sims has a bunch of fan-made stuff packs that are also great! And I've even found some fan-made CC that's made to expand on real stuff packs (like some additional Tiny Living furniture and Moschino windows). I got some pretty decent screenshots of the inside of my build last night before I went to sleep. So once I can sort through all the screenshots and give them a bit of an edit, I'll post them here so you can get a closer look!
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