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  1. I am just seeing this, and i am aware im very late but thank you all very much
  2. Hammer my love <3<3<3 

    1. hammer


      she's hibernating :roach:

  3. LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Such a good tune, already know its a hit thanks to Ilya Salmanzadeh (worked with Ariana and spawned most of her hits, so he has a good ear for music.) The era looks promising a lot. The production on this track is insane, I am in shock they didnt have to snap like this. This is what I Love Me wanted to be
  4. What is everyone thoughts on having separate threads for each album (Excluding the Merry Christmas ones for now, maybe we can add them around Christmas!). And everyday we can pick a album of the day! Or we can do old fashioned and do a Top 10 vote on which album you prefer and base album of the day around that!
  5. Used to not be a big fan of it. But slowly started to become in my top 5. Truly a grower! Listen to Yours. Clown. My Saving Grace, Sunflowers For Alfred Roy and lastly Bringin' On The Heartbreak!
  6. Hate that day with a passion. But still grateful for everything. Nice to see you too!
  7. Been such a long Wednesday. Glad it’s ended
  8. The only reason i want to upgrade now is because my camera broke and after getting it fixed (not from apple). The camera is shit!
  9. post-2000 Mariah has a lot of those tracks that overshadow the rest on the album. Don't get me wrong, love everything she releases, but some just don't hit the mark as the rest! Thanx 4 Nothing is such a good song and For The Record is quite a grower! Sad that i never really have dived into the album other than the songs i mentioned.
  10. The big phones are way better than the small ones! I really want the 11 pro max. But a while since i been saving for it. Hopefully might get it over the summer.
  11. Not really my cup of tea. But ideal for people who like small phones. Unlucky me gotta love the max and the pros
  12. Even thought E=MC2 is one of my least favorite Mariah albums, it has ton of good songs! Touch My Body, O.O.C, For the Record, Bye Bye just to name a few!!
  13. Just started the Mariah Club, will try to make it as fun as possible. :party:

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    2. hammer


      I remember! Almost similar to what i did. 

      hopefully you join the club as i plan on making daily albums to listen to and daily tracks etc, really for few plans. 

      back in cop wanted to do a Mariah Calendar where spread out events through the month, @Blue Sunshine ☀️ definitely remembers!

    3. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      I already joined sis and oh I'm totally down for whatever, I honestly need to stream Mariah more this year, I've been slacking.

    4. hammer


      Definitely, let’s gather our cult member first. Then the fun starts! 

  14. The album debuted at #1 in the US. Spawned the hit "Touch My Body", landing Mariah her 18th US #1 Hit!
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