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    It’s like I’m infected by Lalisa Manoban.
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    Call me Nat or LAND
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    The US
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    Wings- Little Mix
    Don’t Say You Love Me- Fifth Harmony
    As If It’s Your Last- BLACKPINK
    Likey- Twice
    Dalla Dalla- Itzy
    Dun Dun- Everglow
    No- CLC
    Oh My God- (G)I-dle
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    1989- Taylor Swift
    Fancy You- Twice
    It’z Me- Itzy
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    I got It’z Icy, It’z Me, and The ReVe Festival Day 1 for my birthday a couple months ago.
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    Sweetener Tour- Ariana Grande
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    Dun Dun- Everglow
    As If It’s Your Last- Blackpink
    Fancy- Twice
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    Little Mix
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    Blackpink- Lovesick Girls
    Little Mix- Breathe
    Twice- I Can’t Stop Me
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    Variations of pop

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  1. Decided to come back to this place. Anyways stream Lovesick Girls and I Can’t Stop Me.

  2. Hello! Nice to see another new member!
  3. Can we just appreciate how talented Jennie Kim is? <3

  4. 5. Ariana. I love her, but she’s not a savage at all. She has become sexier in her recent eras, but no one can convince me she’s dangerous or anything. 4. Blackpink. They have savage moments in their songs, but they can be super soft irl. Jennie by herself would be near the top of this list, though. 3. Demi. She’s definitely had her savage moments. Her current persona definitely gives off some savage vibes. 2. Megan. Idk too much about her personally, but she does seem pretty savage in her songs and her demeanor. 1. Rihanna. Savage queen wbk.
  5. LAND


    Hello! I remember you!
  6. Welcome! I remember seeing you around. If I recall correctly, you have taste! Nice to see you here, sis.
  7. I really hope they’re able to tour this album once corona is gone and actually go out of the UK and Australia.
  8. RIP. This is so sad. That poor little boy. 😥 Although I only watched the first 3 seasons of Glee, I really liked Naya and her character. Even if I didn’t think much of it at the time, the impact Naya/Santana has had on young queer girls like me is undeniable. She will be missed.
  9. When all is said and done, you’ll believe God is a Jihyo. k-pop tt GIF

  10. More and More- Twice
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