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  1. Will a legend be reborn again or is this ban permanent?

  2. Fhhdhshdhdhsjj gurl you’re back with the most epic post of ALL TIME? the way I screamed IRL. and JK Rowling is such a fucking Queen for this. You can’t change biology and facts. We stan!
  3. so 50% of the population are disgusting by your logic nice way to get us “deplorables” to vote on your side sksksk
  4. It’s funny how you used to be my best friend when I had the literal same political views yet now I’m “disgusting” bwahahha
  5. nice try we’re not accepting yanks at the moment :lmfao: I am the least racist I know. And yes I will tell ppl how they can react if they’re breaking the fucking law just like the army will when Trump deploys them. You literally sound so ridiculous. I’ll continue to grieve George’s death and not politicise it like the left who are blaming Trump. It’s the left who politicise it not the right.. disgusting!
  6. I was banned ironically due to communism apparently rising in this very forum. No one is allowed to have an alternative opinion apparently. i absolutely stand 100% against the looting and destruction of personal property people work their whole lives to achieve a successful house and business and the left are determined to destroy because many of them are jealous of success and don’t work. These riots have nothing to do with George Floyd (RIP!). He would be ashamed of the animals destroying everything. Trump has no choice but to employ force on these people things have gone far enough. leftism truly does destroy everything
  7. I'll say it again, I'm the forums only hope...
  8. Finally someone who will spice things up
  9. Her cat died recently? You’ve never know with how happy she’s appeared. She seems so evil imagine not caring that your pet died.
  10. it will only happen if I'm made admin. #FACTSONLY Manuela you know where to find me hun
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