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  1. not ignorant or racist at all where did the virus come from! China!!!
  2. Lol you’re such a fraud those who things literally never happened
  3. I’m looking forward to more snowflake tears in November. I wish we had Trump here in Australia our conservative PM has turned into a huge socialist
  4. When Are you are going to figure out that pretending to be a woke Biden (rapist!) supporting SJW commie for compliance isn’t “edgy” anymore? Trump 2020 to stop leftist fascism
  5. evil never looked so HOT RIP George Floyd. I hope justice is served.
  6. I'll say it again, I'm the forums only hope...
  7. Finally someone who will spice things up
  8. With the way communist China has handled the China Virus pandemic most people are awake the compliant communist left who want us to lick Chinas arse and let them walk all over us.
  9. Her cat died recently? You’ve never know with how happy she’s appeared. She seems so evil imagine not caring that your pet died.
  10. it will only happen if I'm made admin. #FACTSONLY Manuela you know where to find me hun
  11. Comrade Joe Biden's political campaign is effectively over. The nomination of Barry Soetoro's former puppet VP to front the Democratic Party for the 2020 election has ended in disaster and has all but assured the re-election of President Donald Trump with news surfacing this week corroborating the scandalous news that Creepy Joe RAPED Tara Reade. Disgusting. #CreepyJoeIsOverParty #FarewellToBarrysLegacy https://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-accuser-tara-reade-alyssa-milano
  12. It's not too late to save this forum i have a lot of vision
  13. I just wanna say goodbye because I won’t be around here any longer due to it flopping hardcore and I’m not about dead forums. Hit me up on Twitter if you wanna actually add me back to the twitter account and make me apart of the mod team if you want to see some success. Peace out
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8237553/Makeup-free-Kylie-Jenner-looks-unrecognizable-pays-visit-BFF-Stassis-house.html
  15. If I said I'm a helicopter would you respect that and call me Helindie
  16. You liar! I had my title changed on me by a mod or admin. I hope they reveal themselves.
  17. ding ding ding we found our culprit. The forum would have 10 times the amount of members already if I had been left in charge of promotion.
  18. He hasn't been misgendered at all hun. He is most definitely a male with a penis.
  19. OMG sis i didn't know you were this much of a legend :inlove:
  20. Yes thank you for the welcome
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