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  1. Will miss the Top 30 in the US. Unfortunately Mariah is completely over.
  2. Debuts at 44 in the UK. A mega flop. Around 2400 copies. I guess The Rarities will remain rare as no one will hear them.
  3. Vma's is the lamest award show ever. 

  4. Spoken like a true Camila fan.
  5. Like your failed trans jokes ? The NERVE.
  6. VMAS are more irrelevant than i tunes. No wonder FAD has 9 noms. 

  7. Why did you get banned from ATRL lunnuyu sis ?
  8. I thought you weren't friends with people you only know online. Well, that's what you claimed last week anyway. Never change sis, never change
  9. That's not the same thing as saying you have to have dancing abilities to be a legend.
  10. The NERVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Imagine thinking a legend needs to have dancing ability lol. Please.
  12. The next thing Miss Craig will be here claiming he isn't a racist. I wonder if he still thinks racism does not exist in the UK and that people in the US are obsessed with race. The way he was CANCELLED.
  13. LOL you are completely full of shit. And always have been lol.
  14. You can't delete it from twitter I'm afraid. It's out there. You would have been better off addressing it here instead of deleting my thread!

  15. The way she is photoshopped in her thumbnail sends me. Serving Mariah on the beach versus in person.
  16. Rain on me Dropping like a stone. RISE Katy RISE !!
  17. ok so maybe you are a top then nnnnn
  18. I'm sure Rihanna had her face against a dumpster numerous times nnnnnn
  19. If you use the story of when you were gangbanged over a dumpster during Pride month we are going to know it's you straight away. Nnnnnn.
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