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Lea Michele exposed In Interview

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Ware says she never officially reported the alleged behavior to the network or studio because she had not considered, or even knew, that filing a complaint was an option. But Ware says Michele’s primma-dona behavior was no secret on the set.


“Lea’s actions were nothing new, so I guess since it was such a common thing, my case didn’t seem like that big of a deal,” Ware says. “I remember the first day I actually spoke up and unfortunately no one did anything. They just shrugged it off, like ‘That’s her.’ No one was stopping these things, which is an issue because the environment was helping perpetuate this abuse.”



Ware says that during a large scene shot in an auditorium, Michele threatened she would get Ware fired. Ware suspects that she had unintentionally offended Michele.


“When you’re shooting a scene, sometimes the camera is on you and sometimes it’s not, but you still have to be in the scene,” Ware says. “The camera wasn’t on us, so it’s not like we had to give a full throttle performance, but apparently, I was goofing around when the camera wasn’t on me, and she took that as me being disrespectful to her.”


Ware says no one voiced any concern with her, not even the director of the episode, so she was shocked when Michele called her out and reprimanded her.

“She waited until the scene was over and she stopped in the middle of the stage and did a ‘come here’ gesture, like how a mother does to their child,” Ware explains.


Michele demanded, “You need to come here right now,” according to Ware, who says she politely refused to walk to the center of the stage because she was already publicly humiliated in front of a crowd of extras and dancers. “I said ‘no,’ and that’s when she decided to threaten my job, and said she would call Ryan Murphy in to come and fire me.”



After the incident, Ware says she had a chat with Michele, who reminded her of her clout on the set.


“When I tried to speak up for myself, she told me to shut my mouth. She said I don’t deserve to have that job,” Ware says. “She talked about how she has reign. And here’s the thing: I completely understood that, and I was ready to be like, ‘This is your show. I’m not here to be disrespectful.’ But at that point, we were already past the respect and she was just abusing her power.”



Elaborating on her tweet – in which Ware wrote that Michele made her work experience a “living hell,” and said she would “s—t in my wig” – the actor says Michele made the comment during an intimate cast screening during a lunch break on set.


“She had an issue because I had laughed [when watching a scene] and that’s when the ‘I’m going to s–t in your wig’ comment happened,” Ware recalls, adding that Michele made the comment loudly so that others could hear. “Some chuckled and some gasped. It was mortifying. The whole point was for her to embarrass me. People heard her, but no one was going to stand up to her.”


Source: https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/samantha-ware-glee-lea-michele-interview-black-actress-hollywood-1234631015/


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