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These are dark times and well when we are forced to remain in one place, darkness can creep into your mind. I've had some very harrowing thoughts during this quarantine, it's hard and it sucks being alone While I'm not alone as in in this apartment, I am alone emotionally, romantically I barely talk to my dad who gets on my last nerve though I talk a bit to my older brother who also lives with me. It will be a happy day when this is all over and I can resume my search for love. Anyway I'm going to share a poem I wrote to combat the negative thoughts I've gotten.


Paper thin walls I don't have my own room.

I'm suffering inside these walls.

It is like a prison, the only thing I see is doom,

all that I feel is gloom.

I'm suffocating in quarantine, I can't fucking breathe.

I must remind myself that the doom and the gloom is not everlasting,

eventually light will shine upon thee and we shall be set free.

We will be free to roam again, to live our fucking lives, to do as we please in time  things will be happy again you'll see.



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