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Megarate: Katy Perry - Smile + bonus tracks!

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I'm aware of the little community we have, thats why its fine if I get just 3 people (or more). I'll send in my honest rates as well!


I'm gonna host the Smile Megarate! And if you read the title well, I decided to add some bonus tracks!


Your tracklist:
1. Never Really Over
2. Cry About It Later
3. Teary Eyes
4. Daisies
5, Resilient
6. Not The End Of The Wold
7. Smile
8. Champagne Problems
9. Tucked
10. Harleys in Hawaii
11. Only Love
12. What Makes A Woman
13. Small Talk
14. Never Worn White
15. 365 (with Zedd)


Rules and guidelines:
- Everyone can join, thats why I didnt post it in the club
- You rate everything honestly with scores between 1/10 and 10./10 except you get 1 11/10 for your favorite track of the album!
- PM me your scores!
- Sign up by posting in the threads!


As soon as I think I have enough for a decent score, I will come back and pick a date and time that works for everyone that signed up for this!


@Still Alive can you tag everybody? Thanks hun!


Lets go!

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